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Glasscrom Special Collections

These exclusive collections are designed to inspire and enhance your glass decorating projects, providing unique color palettes and themes based on fashion trends.

Our special collections bring your creative vision to life. Browse these special collections today and embark on a journey of inspiration and art.


Plunging into the waters, thinking about the orgin of life and thinking back on a single day’s voyage on the high seas. This was the inspiration behind OCEAN LINE, the collection by GLASSCROM.

Just like the Ocean, this line is characterized by its resilience, by its steadfastness in the face of the passage of time and by showing you different faces over the course of the day.



When we look at the Earth at a specific moment in time, we miss out on the spectacle of transformation that takes place within it. This wonderful transformation process has been the source of inspiration for EARTH LINE the collection of GLASSCROM.

Just like the Earth, this collection is characterizzed by the warmth, strength and sturdiness of nature, staying true to its essence.