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Advanced technology for decoration of glass containers

Packaging is the main marketing element to indicate the personality, positioning and differentiation of an item when it is on the shelves of a store. Our coatings with finishes and special color effects transform the glass packaging into an attractive, elegant and desirable element.


Innovative solutions for optimizing time and temperature processes. A revolution in the glass coatings market.

Added value

Glasscrom has the know-how and experience from other challenging markets such as the automotive sector.


We work with water-based solutions, that are environmentally friendly and healthier for people

Excellent finishes

Quality is our fundamental pillar. We use the best raw materials to offer premium finishes.

Do you need to give the glass packaging of your product a touch of something different?
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Glasscrom Sectors

We are the perfect partner to turn abstract ideas into feasible realities for glass decoration.

A system for painted glass

Glasscrom’s tintometric system is composed of binders, pigments and clear coats. Its variety of products offers great versatility that translates into a wide range of finishes, adapting to any size, requirement or need.

Color technology

iCromglass is the software belonging to the Glasscrom tintometric system, the best choice for accessing all possible formulations and for managing color in a comfortable and precise way.

A world of finishes and color effects