Ocean Line, the colors of the new season

24 November, 2021
Plunging into the waters, thinking about the origin of life and thinking back on a single day’s voyage on the high seas. This was the inspiration behind Ocean Line, the new collection by Glasscrom Innovative Effects. Just like the ocean, this line is characterized by its resilience, by its steadfastness in the face of the passage of time and by showing different faces over the course of the day. The new season features six new topcoats inspired by the ocean’s life cycle. Using the basic colors of water as a starting point, we explore the ability to reproduce unique atmospheres and moments, combining colors, textures and concepts.

Caribbean morning

A fresh and bright morning thanks to all the possibilities offered by a spectacular combination.

Pacific sunset

The warmth of the day and the cool night air.

Atlantic night

Tranquility and elegance prevail in the calm night of the Atlantic.

Satin Turquoise

Satin aqua

Blue Velvet

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