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Products for plastics

pinturas-industriales-plastico-cromaresmeWe are specialists in the development of solutions of high added value for the painted plastic.

Our know-how allows us to any kind of finishing, fulfilling the most demanding quality requirements and adapting products to each customer processes, thus minimizing its operating costs.

We can offer solutions for any type of plastic, and our r & d team will offer you the best solution that suits your needs..

Our products include:

Funds bilayer (colored bases) for automotive and motorcycle, with direct adhesion to ABS.

Primers for any specific need: Primer for PP, colored primers, primers of repainting, gear, etc.

High strength exterior varnishes, varnishes high solids, satin or matte varnishes, varnishes with effects or colored, etc.

Systems Monolayers, direct finishes without primer or varnish.

Products for metal

recubrimientos-base-solventeWe work with leading-edge technology for metal coating, both in base water as solvent.

The formulation we take into account both the aesthetic and functional. We highlight the anti-corrosive properties of our primers and finishes.

We have a wide range of:

Anti corrosive primers and shop primers.

High resistance to exterior finishes..

• Special products: fast air drying, finishes anti-graffiti, etc..

In addition to our own products, we are exclusive distributors in Spain of two leading international companies in their respective sectors:

Geholit & Wiemer (Germany): specialists in corrosion resistant, high solids paint.

Okitsumo Incorporated (Japan): paint anticaloric international guaranteed.

Products for glass


Faithful to our technology of adaptation to the needs of our customers, we can offer you products based on water or solvent for coating glass with decorative, like for example purposes:

• Colors solid or with effects (metallic, pearled or mother of Pearl, etc..)

• Matizantes varnishes.

• Translucent colors

Having extensive experience in the cosmetic sector, our know-how allows us to propose innovative solutions for any other sector where the painted glass pose a challenge aesthetic and technological.

Contact with our Tecnical/Sales department so we can advise you about how our glass products can fit with your needs.

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